Does your DSL service share the same line as your phone line?


Keep your Security System Connected to Our Monitoring Station.


DSL Alarm Filter 


  • Designed for protecting the alarm system telephone service interface.
  • Allows your system to dial out to the monitoring station in the event of an emergency.
  • Reliable, uninterrupted DSL and alarm operation.
  • Installation is a snap – just plug the filter into the alarm panel’s telephone connections.


Without this protection, a shared line can cause difficulties with your security system’s ability to communicate with the monitoring station in the event of an emergency.


VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)


Ensure Alarm Signals Get Through


  • Thinking about changing from your traditional phone service to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)?
  • Have recently changed to VoIP or have decided to eliminate your landline altogether?


IP Telephones 


  • Backlit displays, support for multiple call appearances, and a two-way speakerphone.
  • Dual-lamp LEDs, fixed feature keys and a context-sensitive user interface.
  • Improve productivity and ease the upgrade process.
  • Deliver security, reliability and performance.


Cellular Backup Module


A Cellular Backup Module allows your system to communicate with the monitoring station through a cellular network.  Whether you are considering changing your phone service to VoIP or want backup protection in the event of a phone service outage, cellular backup will ensure your system stays connected and helps keep you protected.


  • Allows alarm systems to communicate with the monitoring station via a cellular network.
  • Perfect for the business that needs that extra layer of security.
  • Eliminates the need for a traditional landline.


Cellular backup has proven to be a reliable method of alarm signal transport.