Troubleshooting Basics

Whether you are using your California Security® security system for home or business, California Security® can help you solve the problems you might have with your system.  Find answers online, download the latest user manual and get answers to commonly asked questions.


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My Code didn't work, what should I do?


Take a deep breath and try your PIN code again. If this doesn't work or you continue to have this problem, it could be that your keypad buttons (or a certain one) have worn out from repeated use. Solutions would be to replace the keyboard buttons or to change the code avoiding the same digits.


What happens if I see LOW BATT on the keypad?  How long do the batteries last?


Occasionally a battery in a wireless system needs to be changed.  Battery life varies depending on the type of system you have.  Your keypad panel will indicate LO BATT for approximately 20 days before the system stops functioning.  You may purchase a new battery of the same type (available at most hardware stores or online) and replace immediately.  If you have questions, please call us to speak to a technical representative, who is knowledgeable about this type of alarm system.

The system battery in the alarm panel is a rechargeable type that charges automatically.  The back-up battery in the control panel should be replaced at least every five (5) years.  The batteries in wireless sensors are disposable; however, these batteries can last many months or even years and only rarely need replacing.  You may notice that a wireless device in a high traffic area such as a hallway or entry may need battery replacement before one in a less used area.  Your keypad will normally display a low battery warning when a battery needs replacing.  Wireless transmitter (lithium) batteries typically last two to three years and can be purchased in almost any supermarket, hardware or drug store. Click below to see a list of common battery types..


Batteries for Common Panel Types.pdf 33.0KB Aug 27, 2010 4:25 PM


I cannot arm my alarm system because I cannot get a zone to close, even though no one is moving in front of a motion sensor and the doors are all secured. What do I do?


This happens sometimes when a motion or door contact malfunctions. You can still arm the system but you will have to bypass that problem zone. Notify us toll-free at (800) 669-7779 at your earliest convenience to discuss the problem or CLICK HERE to schedule a service visit.


How do I "BYPASS" a zone?


On most systems you can simply enter your user code then press "bypass" and then the zone number. This is useful if you want to leave a window or door open or temporarily exclude a zone from being armed. This will reset when the system is disarmed and must be re-entered each time you want to bypass a zone. Consult your manual for specifics.


Will my system still work when the utility power goes off?


Your system has its own backup battery that is capable of sustaining normal operation for several hours. This battery is also capable of powering the siren and the alarm communicator if the system goes off. It recharges automatically whenever the power is restored and its status is constantly monitored.


What does it mean when my keypad shows "NOT READY?"


This is the keypad's way of telling you that there is a condition present affecting one or more of the security devices and the system is not ready to be turned on. It will require that you correct the condition before the keypad will allow you to arm or turn on the system. Common devices to check are the door/window contacts, which may mean that a window or door is still open. Or, a motion detector may be sensing some form of movement.


What does my keypad mean when it displays "NO AC" or "AC LOSS?"


The keypad will display "NO AC" when the system no longer has electrical current. You will need to check the outlet and the transformer to make sure that the outlet is working properly and that the transformer has not been disconnected. If the outlet and transformer are working correctly, please contact us toll-free at (800) 669-7779, or CLICK HERE to request a service call.


If these basic tips did not help you resolve your issue, please contact California Security® so we can assist you.


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