Extended Service Plans

Ensure Optimal Performance of Your Alarm System and Reduce the Risk of False Alarms.


Our extended service plans are extraordinary values designed not only to save you money on parts, labor and service call travel expenses, but to help you maintain the effective operation of your security alarm system with California Security®.


Ordering an Extended Service Plan is as easy as 1-2-3


  1. Select your service plan and call us toll-free at (800) 669-7779.
  2. Next, we’ll send you an Extended Service Agreement to complete and sign.
  3. Return it in the enclosed envelope.  We’ll authorize it and you will be enrolled in our extended service plan.


That’s it.  Now sit back and get ready to take advantage of this valuable feature.


SAFE Extended Service Plan


This plan includes:

  • All labor charges, including travel.


  • Repair and replacement of parts caused by normal wear and tear. Parts include keypads and control panels, contacts, motion sensors, smoke detectors.*


  • Insurance Premium Discount
    You may be eligible for an insurance premium discount of up to 20%. Contact your insurance agent to see if you qualify. We’ll send you the documentation insurance companies require.


  • Low price of only $7.95 per month


*Certain limitations and conditions apply


SAFE Lifetime of Service and Value Plan


This plan includes:

  • All of the features of the Extended Service Plan listed above.


  • Goodwill Reimbursement
    Reimbursement of a maximum of $1,000 for paid insurance deductible due to burglary or loss due to fire when monitored.*


  • Mover’s Plan
    If you move after 2 years of system installation, SAFE will install a basic wireless home security system in your new home, free of charge (or a credit towards a system with more components). If you relocate prior to 2 years, we will discount a new system in your new location.
    Reactivation of existing system in your new home is FREE!


  • Low price of only $9.95 per month


*Certain limitations and conditions apply


Learn more about our extended service plans! Call us at (800) 669-7779or click the button below to have a service representative contact you.