Monitoring Services

24 Hour a Day Security for Your Home


California Security® can monitor your existing residential alarm system with our Underwriters Laboratory-listed Central Monitoring Station.  California Security® can develop a customized residential security monitoring program to meet your specific requirements, priorities and budget.

We are ready for any situation, 24x7.


UL-Listed Home Security Monitoring Center


California Security® provides state-of-the-art monitoring of your home, alerting your family and the authorities of burglary, fire, or other environmental or medical emergencies.


When your security system is tripped it transmits an alarm signal through the phone lines to our Monitoring Center.  There, our trained operators respond quickly to notify the appropriate emergency response personnel of your need for assistance.  In most cases, your system will notify the monitoring center before you are even aware there is a problem.


Our Monitoring Center is staffed 24 hours a day with highly qualified operators and meets the rigorous compliance standards of Underwriters Laboratories (UL).