Optional Services

Whether you’re seeking to upgrade your current system, protect a small, single-story building or connect multiple sites in a fully integrated security management system, California Security® can develop a customized security program to meet your specific requirements, priorities and budget.


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Increase the Value of Your Business Security System


Consider these valuable California Security® services which can increase the value of your security system.


Two-Way Voice

Talk to a trained monitoring station operator with just a push of the button on your keypad with a two-way voice intercom.  That way, you can get help during an emergency even if you can’t answer the phone.

Open and Close Reports

A perfect solution for business owners who have service providers entering their premises. This monthly report will tell you who is arming and disarming the security system and at what time.

Cellular Backup Module

A Cellular Backup Module allows your system to communicate with the monitoring station through a cellular network.  Whether you are considering changing your phone service to VoIP or want backup protection in the event of a phone service outage, cellular backup will ensure your system stays connected and helps keep you protected.

Guard Service

When California Security’s® Monitoring Station receives an emergency signal from your business and there is no answer from your premises, we can alert the guard service to arrive at your business and assess the situation.  They will perform a perimeter check and if there is an emergency they will stand by until the authorities arrive. Note that Guard Service is required by local police departments in certain locations in the U.S.