Video Surveillance

Track & record what happens at your business with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras


Video Surveillance can enhance the safety and security of your business.  Not only can video surveillance detect and interpret events, it can reduce risk and increase the effectiveness of existing security systems.


California Security® can develop a customized security program to meet your specific requirements, priorities and budget.


Outdoor CCTV Security Cameras


  • Video camera recording systems for banks, ATMs, service stations, retail businesses.
  • Protect against shoplifting, vandalism and employee theft.
  • Real-time frame rates and high resolution monitoring, recording and viewing.
  • Create a safer environment for premises, stock, employees and visitors.


Combination Indoor and Outdoor CCTV Security Cameras


  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor office, retail and service businesses.
  • Prevent or reduce crime on premises.


Professionally installed and monitored security systems have been proven to be valuable tools to deter crime and provide peace of mind.